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Healthcare Staffing Takes Center Stage as Demand for Clinicians Surges

January 29, 2015
Providers Need to Prepare, AMN President Tells Health HR Leaders

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Demand for healthcare professionals surged suddenly in the middle of 2014 and shows no sign of abating this year, said Ralph Henderson, President of Healthcare Staffing at AMN Healthcare. AMN Healthcare Services, Inc. (NYSE: AHS), is the innovator in healthcare workforce solutions and leading provider of staffing services in the nation.

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Henderson, speaking today at Talent Management Alliance's 5th Annual People in Healthcare conference in San Diego, told the audience of healthcare human resources executives that hospitals and health systems need to get ready for an era of high demand by assessing long-range workforce needs and identifying expert partners to support strategic planning.

"The surge in demand for healthcare professionals mirrors the surge in demand for healthcare services," Henderson said. "The Affordable Care Act, the aging of our general population and healthcare workforce, and growing regulatory and market pressures are all driving demand. These forces are not expected to subside but instead to grow stronger. The healthcare industry needs to become prepared to meet these serious challenges."

Demand is rising not only for the familiar specialties but also for new and emerging roles such as Care Coordinators, Documentation Specialists, Telehealth-Trained Physicians and Chief Experience Officers. A recent survey by AMN Healthcare showed that while most healthcare human resources executives and clinical managers are aware of the need for these new roles, far fewer institutions are training or recruiting for them.

Henderson pointed out that AMN Healthcare predicted the demand surge and has been preparing solutions for hospitals, health systems and other healthcare facilities. AMN has adopted new strategies for forecasting workforce needs, enhanced its recruitment processes, and expanded its network of quality healthcare professionals. AMN also recently launched the Center for Advancement of Healthcare Professionals to develop and train the new healthcare workforce for emerging roles.

"One of the most important things healthcare enterprises can do is leverage any analytics or predictive insights to develop strategic workforce planning," Henderson said. "However, healthcare providers are under growing pressure to improve patient care, patient outcomes and patient satisfaction. They simply may not have the bandwidth or expertise to tackle effective workforce planning. They need to partner with specialists in healthcare staffing and workforce solutions."

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AMN Healthcare is the innovator in healthcare workforce solutions and staffing services to healthcare facilities across the nation. AMN Healthcare's workforce solutions -- including managed services programs, vendor management systems and recruitment process outsourcing -- enable providers to successfully reduce complexity, increase efficiency and improve patient outcomes within the rapidly evolving healthcare environment. The Company provides unparalleled access to the most comprehensive network of quality healthcare professionals through its innovative recruitment strategies and breadth of career opportunities. Clients include acute-care hospitals, community health centers and clinics, physician practice groups, retail and urgent care centers, home health facilities and many other healthcare settings. AMN Healthcare disseminates news and information about the Company through its website, which can be found at


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