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Nearly Two-thirds of Baby Boomer Nurses Now Considering Retirement, Even as RN Demand Rises Rapidly

November 9, 2015
Large-scale Loss of Experienced Nurses Foretold in Survey by AMN Healthcare

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- A surge in retirements among Baby Boomer nurses is about to hit the healthcare industry, with nearly two-thirds of registered nurses over age 54 now considering retirement, according to a survey by AMN Healthcare and its Center for the Advancement of Healthcare Professionals.

The survey also found that of nurses over 54 who are considering retirement, 62% are planning to retire within the next three years.

Older nurses comprise a critically important segment of the nursing workforce.  More than half of RNs are over 50, according to a 2013 study by the National Forum of State Nursing Workforce Centers, and their institutional knowledge and mentoring expertise are invaluable to quality healthcare. As seen by AMN Healthcare, the nation's largest supplier of nursing, healthcare staffing and workforce solutions, demand for nurses is rising rapidly.

"This data confirms what we've known anecdotally and allows us to finally put dimensions and a timeline around a predicted retirement surge," said Marcia Faller, RN, PhD, Chief Clinical Officer at AMN Healthcare. "But the harm to the healthcare industry goes beyond the numbers. The loss of this intellectual asset may be acutely felt in terms of quality of care and patient satisfaction. To withstand this loss, healthcare administrators need help in preparing for the nursing workforce of the future."

The survey found that nursing education roles will be hit hard by the retirement surge, which could impact the ability to educate incoming nurses who will replace those who retire.

Mixed Feelings About Nursing

The 2015 Survey of Registered Nurses is a biennial assessment by AMN Healthcare (NYSE: AHS) of almost 9,000 registered nurses in a variety of fields and specialties.

While a large majority of nurses (85%) say they are satisfied with their overall career choice of nursing, their optimism wanes when questioned about the day-to-day aspects of their work, and many say they don't have the time they need to spend with patients.

In addition, the survey found that while the majority of RNs are happy with their career choice, many are dissatisfied with their jobs and concerned about the future of the care environment.

Strong Interest in Education

The survey also shows very strong interest in further education, which is a recommendation among healthcare experts to instill necessary improvements in the nursing profession. This ardor for more training and education is especially strong among younger nurses. Survey results showed that among all nurses, more are planning to seek a higher degree in nursing than those who are not.

"All of us in healthcare should take very seriously the impact of the impending retirement of so many experienced nurses," said Susan Salka, President and Chief Executive Officer of AMN Healthcare. "At the same time, we should honor the fact that so many nurses are interested in furthering their education and training. To ensure appropriate levels of care, it is important that healthcare administrators begin now to optimize their current workforce and seek partners and solutions that can help in finding the quality clinicians that they need."

Further survey results will be presented at AMN Healthcare's 2015 Healthcare Workforce Summit in Nashville, TN, on Nov. 13.

Visit to view the 2015 Survey summary and infographic, watch our 2015 Survey video, and pre-order a copy of the full survey, which will be available on Nov. 13, 2015.   

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