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Survey: Nurses See Little Improvement in 2024

May 6, 2024

Over One-Third Extremely Likely to Change Jobs

DALLAS, May 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The majority of nurses (80%) think 2024 will be either no better or worse for nurses than 2023, according to a new survey by AMN Healthcare, the nation’s leading healthcare workforce solutions company. Forty-two percent said 2024 will be the same for nurses as 2023, 38% said it will be worse, while only 20% said it will be better.

“Nurses weathered the storm of COVID-19, but many still see clouds ahead for the profession,” said Robin Johnson, Group President of Nursing Solutions with AMN Healthcare. “Clearly, continued focus on nurse wellness, job satisfaction and retention must be a priority for the healthcare industry.”

In a finding that Johnson noted was particularly concerning, over-one third of nurses surveyed (35%) said it is extremely likely that they will change jobs in 2024. The majority (55%) said it is very likely or somewhat likely that they will do so. Thirty-five percent said it is extremely likely they will change their hours or schedules this year, while 58% said they are extremely likely or somewhat likely to do so.

“Turnover and volatility in the nursing workforce have been endemic over the last several years,” Johnson said. “That trend is likely to continue until nurse concerns are addressed.”

In order to prioritize these concerns, the survey asked nurses what is important to them in their workplaces in 2024. Priority number one was compensation. Three quarters of nurses (75%) said better pay is extremely important to them, followed by 68% who said more nurses per patient is extremely important, and by 58% who said better schedules are extremely important. A smaller number (47%) said more recognition for nurses is extremely important to them, while 42% said wellness programs are extremely important.

“While recognition and wellness are important to nurses, what is most important are the conditions under which they work and the compensation they receive for their skills, effort, and dedication,” Johnson said. “More nurses on the floor and more flexible schedules are the keys to enhanced nurse job satisfaction, along with fair compensation.”  

Nurses were asked what impact they have had on the health and well-being of their patients in 2024. Only 37% said their impact has been extremely positive, 74% said their impact has been moderately or somewhat positive, while 9% said their impact has been slightly or not at all positive. According to Johnson, the quality of care nurses are able to provide may be diminished if they do not have adequate time to spend with patients, or the resources needed to maintain quality standards.

“Nurses find it demoralizing when they are unable to provide the quality of care they want to provide,” Johnson said. “Like many healthcare professionals, nurses want more patient time and more resources so they can achieve the best possible outcomes.”

Nurses were asked how much pride they take in being a nurse. Only 37% said they are extremely proud to be a nurse, 44% said they are moderately or somewhat proud, while 19% said they are slightly or not at all proud.

“Given the nature of their work, which can be lifesaving, a greater number of nurses should be extremely proud of what they do,” Johnson said. “The fact that so few are is a matter for reflection and concern.”

AMN Healthcare’s Nurses in 2024 – A Brief Check-In, is based on responses from 1,155 nurses nationwide with a margin of error (MOE) of 3% at a 95% confidence level. It is intended as a supplement to the more comprehensive, national Survey of Registered Nurses that AMN Healthcare conducts every other year and last completed in 2023. A copy of the 2024 survey report can be accessed at

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